Solar Battery Charger

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Charge batteries with the power of the sun with the Nokero C110 AA battery charger.

Simply insert a rechargeable AA battery (included) into the back of the C110 and set it out in the sun. In a matter of hours, your battery will be charged.

Typical alkaline batteries wear out quickly and can't be re-charged. Nokero's special, high-tempurature, AA Ni-MH battery can be used again and again, and recharged by the Nokero C110 or any other suitable charging device.

Use it to keep batteries charged for replacement in your other Nokero products. Also use it to recharge the batteries in your TV remote, toys, or any other household item that receives AA batteries.

The Nokero C110 comes with one (1) high quality, lead-free, AA battery. Learn more by clicking on the "Features" "Specs" and "Bulk" tabs above.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Rainproof*
  • Top of the line solar panel
  • Charge any AA rechargeable battery
  • Nokero brand, high-temperature, 800mAh NiMH battery included
  • Charges one (1) 800mAh battery each day**
  • * The Nokero C110 can withstand rainshowers, but is not water proof and should not be submerged. ** Charging conditions vary. Place the Nokero C110 in a sunny spot where it will receive direct sunlight all day. The Nokero C110 does not charge efficiently from behind a window.


  • Battery operating temperature minimum: -20 degrees C
  • Battery operating temperature maximum: 55 degrees C
  • Housing material: ABS
  • Product dimensions: Length 8.82 cm, width 7.22 cm, height 1.9 cm
  • Product weight: 45 grams

    Charge batteries with the power of the sun with the Nokero C110 AA battery charger.

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